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CFC Learning Centers in Oceanside and Vista CA

About CFC Learning Centers

Our Purpose

Quality Childcare is our Specialty, Affordable Rates is our Difference

Education in Oceanside CA


To serve the child, family and community as a whole, standing together because we know that it takes a village to raise a child.

Teaching Programs in Oceanside CA


To provide education, awareness, quality programs, experienced qualified staff and teachers who will educate and equip our children, as well as provide parents with tools to cultivate positive learning experiences.

Equip Children for Success in Oceanside CA


To fulfill and help families with life plans, goal setting, and case management through hosting classes and providing the resources and referrals to meet the needs of our children, families, and community.

With these key points in mind, you can look forward to:

State of the Art Facilities

State of the Art Facilities

Nourishing Academic Programs for all children

Nourishing Academic Programs for all children

Great Amenities

Great Amenities

In addition, we are proud to offer flexible care options that ensure that your childcare schedule meets the needs of your family.

About our Curriculum

Our team passionate members are committed to providing opportunities for all children to experience art, music, dance, math, science, other languages and other enrichment activities, as well as instilling positive social experiences.

Infant Program in Oceanside CA

Infant Program

This is for children 8 weeks to 18 months old. This program includes special needs for infants, from diaper changes to ensuring proper food and milk intake.

  • Bright Baby Infants curriculum focuses on social and emotional elements, language and small & large muscle development. It also incorporates American Sign Language, yoga & world music.
Toddler Program in Oceanside CA

Toddler Program

This is for children 18 months to 35 months. Our curriculum helps to stimulate their minds in a fun way that transitions them smoothly into preschool.

  • Toddler/Twos curriculum focuses on social and emotional elements, language and small & large muscle development, as well as phonological awareness: Songs, Rhymes, Fingerplays, Color Recognition, Counting (0-10), Problem Solving and Self-Concept.
Preschool & Pre-K Program in Oceanside CA

Preschool & Pre-K Program

This is for children 36 months to 60 months; it is a carefully crafted program that helps children prepare for success in kindergarten.

  •  Preschool curriculum focuses on Social/Emotional, Language, Small & Large Muscle Development, Phonological Awareness: Songs, Rhymes, Clapping, Syllables, Alliteration, Letter Recognition & Beginning Sounds(out of order as fits with theme monthly), Vowel Sounds (long and short with emphasis on short) Problem Solving and Self-Concept. Color, Shape & Number Recognition (1-20), Counting & One-On-One Correspondence Sequencing, Predicting, Graphing,Problem Solving and Character Education.
  • Pre-Kindergarten curriculum also focuses on Counting to (1-50) and Number Recognition (1-30), Beginning Sight Words, Emergent Literacy, Math & Science inquiry-Based Investigations and Fine Art Introductions
School Age Programs in Vista CA

School Age Program

This is for kids ages 6 through 14, typically children in elementary school and on. As these kids are in school for most of the day, this is predominantly a before and after school program. This includes:

  • Breakfast in the morning, as well as snacks after school
  • Enrichment Activities, Field-Trips & Community Service
  • Tutoring and Homework Assistance • Art Classes, Life Skills Classes
  • Parents Night Out
  • Transportation to and from school for schools in the zip codes 92054 & 92056

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Learn About Enrolling at CFC Learning Centers

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